Organising Committee

OC Primary leader Sub-committee
Ex-Officio DG Eric Chin
Conference Chair PP Norman Lee
Vice Chair IPP Victor Lo
PP Eddy Wong
Treasurer PP Winnie Ng
Secretary PP Agnes Lau
PP Benjamin Au
PP Alice Yip
Promotion PP Keith Chow
PP Edward Wong
PP Benjamin Au
PP Tommy Ng
PP Natalie Kwok
PP Agnes Lau
IPP Victor Lo
PP Crystal Lok
PP Elizabeth Fong
Governor Banquet PP Polly Yeung
Banquet programme PP Polly Yeung
Conference programme PP Eddy Wong
Floor Rtn Kevin Leung
Programme Book editor PP Bee Chan
Programme Book advertisement PP Eliza Fan
Registration PP Eddy Wong
Rainy Ma and ric team
Steve Kwok
Table assignment CP Bee Chan
Credential PP Gary Yeung
Souvenirs PP Wilson Lam
(Guests and participants)
IT Support PP Edward Chan
Dorothy Chan
PP William Chu
Website and Facebook PP Alice Yip
House of Friendship PP Bonnie Wong
Rtn Amy Chan
PP Jacky Chu
Logistic PP Wilson Lam
PP Jacky Chu
SAA PP Eric Chak
PI Rtn Anita Chan
Rtn Jay Leung
Rotaract coordinator CP Bee Chan
PP Keith Chow
Rtn Anita Chan
Rotaract Representative Lip Hui
RIPPR TRF Trustee Kenneth Schuppert
RIPPR Hospitality PDG David Harilela
Advisors PDG Anthony Hung
PDG Ada Cheng
PDG Belinda Yeung
PDG David Harilela
PDG Eugene Fong
Observer PP Wilson Cheng
Spouse Program coordinator PP William Wong
Spouse Program Mrs. Christine Chin
P Veronica Li
Alicia Chan
Mary Hung